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How to stay safe & enjoy this Festive season

2020’s end of year celebrations bring about a different new normal and more so for us who enjoy being in social gatherings, catching up with friends from all over, travelling and so much more. Grab you mask, and have some extras before we can start.


10 Benefits of Sweet Potato Leaves to boost your brain, bones and heart

Sweet potatoes leaves which are also known as Ipomoea Batatas are enriched with a lot of medicinal benefits. The leaves are heart shaped and are very delicious and can be cooked as a substitute for spinach. They contain Vitamin A, B,C, Thiamine, Niacin, Zinc, Folic acid, Calcium,Riboflavin,Iron, Vitamin K,B6 and proteins. Sweet potato leaves contains […]


Dear Men, Here’s Why Pumpkin Seeds Are Your Natural Viagra

The use of viagra to boost libido has been on the rise especially with older men to satisfy their partners. Pumpkin seeds unknown to many offer the best alternative to viagra since they are natural and lesser side effects, compared to viagra which even lead to death when overdosed. Pumpkin seeds promote men’s fertility. The […]


The Wealthy Barber book review.

Fridays are easy days, makes me feel I should postpone this review to Monday. Reason being am asking myself who wants to read an accounting related post on a Friday especially in the afternoon. But this book the wealthy barber is one full of humor, easy flowing and more of a novel than a serious […]


How to cope during coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus is now one of the greatest threat to humanity and we are all required to stay safe. These are the measures I am taking to stay safe.