Women Should Be celebrated EVERYDAY

Happy International Women’s day dear ones, I know it’s belated but hey it’s never too late to praise one or two. So yesterday (8th March 2017) when we were marking this Women’s day, the social media went a buzz with lots of praising words to all women around the globe. Posts of pictures and positive writings were all over celebrating the day from both females and males. I confess I felt very special indeed.

But now why do we celebrate women once per year when it  is not a birthday where you are born once. I will refer my mother to this context, sacrifice she puts for our family just to justify why Women’s day shouldn’t be a one day affair. Below is her schedule. I know lots of other women have tougher schedules than this, but like I said this is just but a sample.


4.30 am : Wakes up to prepare breakfast

5.30 am : Clean last night’s dishes.

7:00 am : At work already doing her assigned duties

The whole day she spends with her pupils, she’s a teacher by the way, anyone who has had a parent who is a teacher has once helped In marking exams, so you can imagine.

5.00 pm : Work closed time to back at home and does some little shopping of perishables she will cook on that day.

6.00 pm : At home, feeding her grandson who is causing tantrums after a playful day.

6:45 pm : Preparing for cooking. At this time the grandson is crying on top of his lungs and “Demands” to be carried by the granny.  This means she has to carry him while doing her tasks.

8.00 pm : Finished cooking, sets food on the table, if am not around she’s obliged to feed the grandson first then have her meal afterwards when it’s all cold. Toddlers can be really something during feeding               times sometimes it lasts an hour.

9.00 pm : Have her meal then start arranging for the next day’s lessons or finish unmarked student’s assignments.

10.30 pm: Feed the baby again or play with him since he doesn’t want to sleep. (PS. At this point the grandson only wants to play with granny, maybe she’s much soothing than the mom who is forcing him to sleep)

11.30 pm : Retire to bed having made sure everything else is at its place.

2.30 am : Wakes up to check on the baby who may be in need of drinking water or milk.

This is a normal work day for her, this schedule represents a light day for my mom with all factor constant. DAMN! There is no reason why Women’s day shouldn’t be celebrated every day.

And what about these women who go through harder days than my mama? To all who struggle with county police while hawking in the streets to earn a living, the women who embrace male jobs to fend for family, all single mothers because of deadbeat dads, big up to all mamas who will give up everything to see their children have better days than they have had, to women in politics championing for our rights, to all successful women who have made it and proven that women can do it just like men, among many other millions of mum who are doing their best every day for the sake of human race. I salute you and celebrate you our women, every day. This world wouldn’t be as it is without you.


By Medza Mtana

Blogger deep into communications, loves sooking and smiles a lot.

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