10 Reasons why you should visit Nairobi

I was born and raised in Nairobi and with that I’ll share reason why I think this is the best town to be in so far. Nairobi a cosmopolitan town is the capital city of Kenya commonly referred to as the city under the sun. Nairobi gives you a million and one reasons to visit any time of the year.

Nairobi Town at Ambasadeur Hotel stage

They say, money goes where money is, and for sure that well describes Nairobi. Nairobi is full of all kinds of businesses from sole proprietorships, partnerships and private corporations.The CBD speaks for itself together with industrial area where factories manufacture each and every day to meet the consumers’ demands. Nairobi has also been a host of top international business events such as The 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit attended by former POTUS, Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD-VI which was its first time to be held in Africa. Also AMEX 2016 (Africa MICE Expo) which was for the first time held in Sub Saharan Africa. Nairobi has also hosted The Innovating Economies Summit which was aimed to bring together institutions, investors and innovators from diverse industries. The list is endless but point is, Nairobi offers a conducive ground for your entrepreneurship goals come true.

Precious Blood Girls celebrating

2. Education Facilities

Education is not necessary to be successful but it’s important. Education is like a path to success. Nairobi is known for high performing schools despite it being a  busy town. Educational  facilities are from Kindergarten level to university level. Most universities have their campuses in Nairobi such as University of Nairobi itself, Egerton University, Zetech University, Technical University, USIU among others. Secondary schools known to perform well are the Kenya High School, Nairobi School, Precious Blood Riruta, Lenana High, Sunshine Secondary etc. There are also international schools such Nairobi International School, Hillcrest international schools, Banda school and Braeburn school among others. To add icing to the cake the town is equipped with several libraries which are open for public use. Today all ages can access education at their doorstep here in Nairobi.

Zebras at Nairobi National Park

3. Recreational Centers

Looking for pleasure in Nairobi? Come we will give it to you. First we have a national park, The Nairobi National Park with lots of wildlife species among them, The King of the jungle – Mr. Lion. Just outside main entrance to the park is Nairobi Safari walk where zoo meets nature boardwalk with lots of birds too. Besides there’s also Nairobi animal orphanage convenient for families and groups such as educational trips. The list has just started, you can also visit Nairobi Museum, Mamba Village, Giraffe center, Masai ostrich farm,the elephant orphanage, Nairobi snake park, Arboretum for nature walks, City Park, and  Uhuru Park for a boat ride.

Kenyatta National Hospital

4. Health Facilities

“The greatest wealth is Health.”  ~Unknown. With regard to this Nairobi City takes care of your health with the private and public hospitals at your service. The Kenyatta National Hospital, a referral hospital offers the greatest health services. Among others are Nairobi Hospital, Coptic Hosptal, Pumwani Hospital, Mama Ngina Hospital, Mertopolitan Hospital, Makadara hospital, Aga Khan Hospital so you get to choose depending on your location and preference. There are available private clinics in the estates, pharmacies and laboratories.

Children Ice skating at Panari Hotel

5. Hotels

Looking for an eat out, accommodation and a place to relax and have fun? Nairobi has got you. We have gone a notch higher to see you get the best.There are Five Star hotels where you can drop by eg. Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel, The Norfolk Hotel, The Sarova Stanley Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Nairobi Serena Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel are good samples. Other hotels have gone an extra mile to offer uniqueness like Panari Hotel who have Ice Skating.  In the CBD, fast foods are offered in plenty with the likes of Java,Kenchic, KFC,Pizza joints…endless list.

For those who like to party, I hear Westlands has good places for a good raving. Nairobians do know how party, we wait for weekends from Monday.

6. Good Infrastructure

Our first Thika Super Highway tops the list of roads, then comes the By-passes some of which are still under construction to ease road users of daily traffic that is experienced. Electricity is available to everyone including the slum areas after the government partnered with World Bank to ensure that all households are able to afford electricity in the city. Communication systems are also on point, Safaricom Line for mobile phones have their headquarters in Nairobi, Airtel network providers with their slogan “The smartphone network” are based in Nairobi too. In addition 70% of media houses have their offices based in Nairobi. Internet connection is fast as we have the Optic cables connected hence  Wi-Fi charges have become affordable. You are assured of connectivity.

7. Religious Places

Beliefs are not for all but the freedom of worship in this multi-cultural city is amazing. Whichever you faith is Nairobi will accommodate you. Disclaimer not all though, in some way Nairobians are still conservative and will frown at strange beliefs. Well as the president said we do not have to embrace all practices that are brought to us by foreigners.

Ms. Lucy, I and Nehemiah at UNEP Gigiri

8.Habitat for government and non-governmental offices

It is here in the capital city that the government has most of its offices. For example the parliament, the Supreme Court, Ministry headquarters,and UN headquarters.

9. Affordable Residential area

It would be rude to give all these benefits and not give places where you can come stay when you finally decide to make Nairobi a home. In Nairobi there is a vast range of Estates you can leave in depending on your type of lifestyle, budget, access to social amenities etc. I will recommend some good places where to get affordable places for renting. If you desire to leave in the leafy suburbs you can choose places like Runda, Karen, Muthaiga, Gigiri, Lang’ata, Lavington, Kileleshwa, Westlands. We all are not the same for someone looking for a slightly cheaper place, Hurlingham, Ngong, Buruburu, South B, South C, Donholm, Komarock, Nairobi West, Tasia and Embakasi. Even more interesting is that there are places cheaper than these areas, places such as Kayole, Huruma, Riruta, Umoja and Eastlands.

10. The People

I haven’t been to many towns myself but I swear Nairobians are very welcoming people. Am top on that list. Any time you want someone to take you round, E-mail me in advance then we can prepare of your tour I being the guide to this beautiful town. See this city is full of vibrant hardworking people, very receptive, business minded making it a 24 hr economy, and of course fun – loving.

And security, we have improved, and we will get better. No cause for alarm, all these mentioned wouldn’t be a success without good security.

Can’t wait to see you…….Feel free!

By Medza Mtana

Blogger deep into communications, loves cooking and smiles a lot.

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