10 Types of people your are likely to meet in a workplace

In every workplace, you will meet people with different personalities, character and mojo. Each and every individual comes from a different setting and just being them makes them unique. The loyal one -There are people who are loyal to the company’s they work with to the bone. The loyal staff is that who when they […]


Finishing with Gratitude

What are you grateful for this year? Sigh! I have so much to thank God for 2017. It has not been an easy year but tough people last and here I am. I did not achieve most of the resolution though but I thank God for what it came to be. This is my list […]


How Bloggers come up with blog titles

Its Monday afternoon, I have flu, headache and a sore throat and am in the office trying to stay to stay awake and active as possible. I hope you are fine, the above statement is an update of what I am currently feeling in case you find this post irrelevant or somehow off the hook. […]