Life is people we meet


Recently I came to learn that life is about people,

People, we meet affect what happens to us,

This is a story of a stranger I met sometimes back.


It was a bright Monday, lightly cloudy, slightly windy,

In a sleeveless white dress with pink and orange flowers,

Covered with a trenchcoat and boots to knee length

Striding swiftly on the pavement, step at a time.


My face radiant than ever may be a premonition,

No makeup,No  eye pencil, no mascara only my lipstick,

In my mind, I asked, am I going to close a sale?

Then I smiled and knew it would be a good day.


Walked a bit longer then beep beep sermoned by this car,

Excuse me beautiful where a’ you heading to?

How do you judge that pick up line? Compliment for me.

This must have been the foreseen sale, what a jackpot.



In that lucky day, he dropped me at my next stage,

Months later business to create We began,

Series of toiling, planting, pruning until harvesting,

Then the family was complete.


That is the mystery of this world, of weirds and commoners,

Some stay, others fade to infinity. Some random good, some bad,

That strangeness gave me a valentine, family and love.

Truly life is people.



“There’s always a good lesson in meeting new people, its enlarging your circle of friends. And though there are times you don’t match with their likes, there are some whom you just blend well.”

― Solita



By Medza Mtana

Blogger deep into communications, loves sooking and smiles a lot.

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