Brain Cyst on my Cousin-but why?

This post is a regret story that has got me haunted by guilt from my past behaviour and things I did out of ignorance, dumbness and maybe lack of knowledge.


I have this cousin of mine -Danson, whose mother is my mum’s sister whom we spent time together during the holidays when I was young. Many of those days we would go to the forest together with his brother and my smaller brother and collect wild fruits as we looked for firewood. This nineteen-year-old boy was the shortest among the three boys despite the fact that he was oldest. We would make fun of his smallness and sometimes called him lazy because he liked to sleep at daytimes.

Screenshot (424)
Danson Mwakale (left) with his younger brother,and niece at railway station

See my mother comes from a hilly area with thick forest which is full of monkeys, sweet birds and all kinds of insects. When we were done with the adventure of exploring the bush, we would climb back hill with our collected bunches of sticks and we would prepare him a small load since we believed he was too weak to carry heavy loads. Also sometimes we would leave him in the house and ask him to cook instead of coming all the way and carry “nothing” of substance.

With time he came to accept this as part of him and he started enjoying the being left behind and do house chores instead. Frequently he would complain of eyesight problems and headaches which affected his school performance. The parents did their best and took him to Lighthouse for eyes examination and it kept on recurring months or years later.

Last year December when we were preparing for a festive season, he felt the pains again and this time he was taken to Coast General Hospital. The doctor adviced that a CT scan to deduce on the problem.


I really don’t understand this but these are the images after scan


Shock came to the family when the doc unveiled that Danson had an abnormal fluid-filled sac in his brain called Cyst and would require a surgery to remove it. He further explained that this affected his growth hormones, therefore, the stunted growth, and frequent headaches and eye problems. We only understood it better when he said that it is possible that the Cyst had developed before he was born and it had been growing slowly until now.

The doctor explained them as below,


This was a bombshell even to the boy himself. I do not want to imagine the trauma.

As per now, we are fundraising for the procedure which is to cost more than $1000. The neurosurgeon is on leave and he will be resuming work next month.

I extend my cries to you, my readers, that you may keep the boy in prayers, the family and for the procedure to pass successfully. Feel free to support the parents financially as they are peasant farmers who depend on subsistence farming and small business for survival.  We are sending donations to his sister Betty Mjomba to through her phone number +254713655569 with the aim of beating the target amount as soon as possible.

The turn of events has taught me a great lesson. I have learnt and I will teach my sons too, to never laugh at other people’s weaknesses, to never take small privileges for granted but above all to always thank God for good health.

Do not feel shy to send us your support and save this boy’s life.

I know it shall be well.




By Medza Mtana

Blogger deep into communications, loves sooking and smiles a lot.

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