Act of Kindness

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As I walked from Kawi House, South C, I came across a cake delivery guy who stopped another guy, a stranger to ask for directions to Kawi Complex. I overheard the guy replying that he did not know the building and that he would lie to say he had an idea of such a place. I had gone a step ahead of them and I came back and confirmed with them the building they were looking for. Immediately, the young man carrying the cake answered that he was looking for Kawi Complex and I pointed to him and told him to enter the next green gate that was 200 meters ahead then call the client to pick their cake.

The guy was happy, he smiled at me and shook my hand with gratefulness and went ahead with his journey.

I wish he knew how he had made my day since before I was thinking of how the sun was mean and scorching but now my mind shifted to this event that had taken place seconds ago. I felt happy that he was happy and the other guy who didn’t know was happy too.

I am amazed at how such small things can bring sunshine to us and other people.

What have you done today?

By Medza Mtana

Blogger deep into communications, loves sooking and smiles a lot.

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