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Choosing Career Path over Passion

They say do what you love and you will love what to do. We are living in that era where not everyone is lucky enough to do what they love rather do what comes first then later love it. This is very unfortunate.


In my country, a greater population of youths who are employed are working in fields that they may not really have a passion for. Reason being when a graduate hears of a vacancy at a place they can relate with though not correlative with what they did in school, they will nevertheless show their interest.How come? or why? you may ask.

Using myself as an example I studied Communication and media in undergrad and I had chosen this for myself but am now working in the Energy sector, engineering. I am not a technical staff though my tasks comprise of handling logistics, sales, filing, record keeping, minute writing etc

I have a passion for entrepreneurship and writing and I believe I have a talent for marketing.

On marketing assignment for the company.

The problem comes in whereby I am unable to decide on whether I should quit my job and pursue my passion in entrepreneurship or should I stay employed with the comfort of guaranteed salary at the end of each month.

At what point do people exit from their careers to fulfil what they are best at from a formal work? Yesterday, I read a blog about a guy who quit his accountant job to pursue his passion as a writer. This guy might have reached the enough is enough point whereby it did not matter the cost of starting afresh in the light of seeking happiness and tranquil.

I would like to know though what they have done, those who made their passion their business and how it has been for them. Their journey from the start until success. This must be the mark of freedom of doing what you love which translates to loving what you do.


By Medza Mtana

Blogger deep into communications, loves sooking and smiles a lot.

5 replies on “Choosing Career Path over Passion”

This brings back memories!! I have gone through same situation. When I started working as Investment Banker, I was always fighting with myself to make believe that I love this job but I didn’t, in the end I quit and now figuring how to pursue things that make me happy 💛💛

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I understand it has been difficult for me too,I have been thinking how I am not yet ready emotionally and also financially. I told myself this is the last month but up until now, I am not sure whether I want to write that resignation letter. Wish you the best I know in good time you shall come to the decision.

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