Brain Cyst on my Cousin-but why?

This post is a regret story that has got me haunted by guilt from my past behaviour and things I did out of ignorance, dumbness and maybe lack of knowledge. I have this cousin of mine -Danson, whose mother is my mum’s sister whom we spent time together during the holidays when I was young. Many […]


Life is people we meet

Recently I came to learn that life is about people, People, we meet affect what happens to us, This is a story of a stranger I met sometimes back.   It was a bright Monday, lightly cloudy, slightly windy, In a sleeveless white dress with pink and orange flowers, Covered with a trenchcoat and boots to knee […]

Business Career

Taking the right entreprenuerial steps

What are your financial goals in 2018? During my Christmas holidays last year, I got a chance to learn something about entrepreneurship, how to be a successful business person and also how to live a successful financial life. I got to interview Mr Francis Raudo who is the founder and CEO of Consolidated Media Kenya […]


Happy New Year 2018

  Greetings from Medza, I hope that we all crossed to 2018 and that we are looking forward to greater achievements. Social media since 31st December has been clustered with words such as New beginnings, Change, resolutions and start. I have also purposed to bring on board new experiences into this blog, make some changes […]