Desire to Grow

I have a tremendous desire to learn, and to grow, and to develop whatever I have that will make for any kind of improvement in me. Lawrence Welk

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Each and every day we do whatever we do because we want to be better than yesterday. That we see the sunrise in the morning, it is a sign that we have another chance to make ourselves better than we were yesterday. What more would we want in this life more than the desire to grow in the different aspects of our lives? Yesterday I was celebrating the growth of this blog so far, and I wish you knew the joy that I had in my heart writing the post 300 Followers, Thank You!.

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When I started writing I did not know that I would be able to convince people that I have something that would be interesting to them, but then people started commenting on my posts and I got encouraged even more. As I sit here sharing this, I am now thinking of new ways to make the blog better and more consistent on the topics I choose and the way I write.I am thinking of choosing a scheduled way of writing on the different topics of interest to create harmony with my readers.

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I have come to realise that growth is not a one -day event or a blink of an eye thing where things just happen. It requires patience, hard work, and applying passion in order to see an improvement from the past.

Sometimes I look at my children and admire their innocent desire to grow. My first born can now use his potty comfortably during the day and despite the fact that he forgets once in a while he always makes efforts to make sure he never messes his pants. Much as we instilled this into him it also took personal efforts from him as we kept clapping for him everytime he would use the potty until he has now understood the whole essence of it. My second born son is currently learning how to express himself and also to walk. On walking, I see him doing his best to lift himself from the ground, get hold of something and he walks and he holds himself on something lets say a chair. He keeps pushing and pushing and surely I can see his desire to grow.

I understand that once in a while times become tough that we forget our main goal and the spirit to make that move is killed.

Personally I am striving my  to improve on so many aspects of my life. I want to be a better wife, a better mother, to grow myself financially, my career, my blog of course and my spirirtual growth among others. The year has gone halfway and I have realised that I forgot about some of the resolutions I had listed down when the year began. I am now embarking on them and and taking a shift into seeing that what is doable is done and that which is not,how it can be done.

Our lives are dynamic and we must look forward to new opportunities that come our way. I was sharing this with my little brother who is in his final year of highschool, that he should now look at himself more than just a student. That he should now look forward into having good grades that will land him into career of his choice.

We all have our own desires, desires to  become something, desire to achieve something,desire to make changes to self or to others. I wish you all the best in your desires. May you grow in whatever you do.

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  1. Nice article, really like the Napoleon Hill quotes, we all need to spend time on personal growth. Personal growth means different things to each person but it is really sad when you see people stuck in life and not having no dreams or goals they are working at.
    It is encouraging to read an article like this and I hope all your readers are encouraged to pursue their own personal growth.
    Have a super wonderful day.

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    • WordPress needs to add a love button for such posts. Thank you Mark. Thank you for your encouragement, you must now be understanding the reason why I am closely trying to understand your residual income. Striving for better days. I’ve been reading the new articles some of the previous questions have faded away

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      • That’s good, I know that it is difficult to understand at first, that is why I am teaching residual income.
        I have been trying to figure out how to write articles that explain it as good as I can.
        I know that starting a business is scary and that you need to completely understand it before you consider it.
        If you have a specific question that is on your mind then post it in the comments and I will try to write an article that answers it directly.
        Have a super wonderful day.

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