Save My JOB

Building youths is the surest way for tomorrow’s growth.

Save my J.O.B! The trending topic this morning in my country Kenya. It was picked up from a video by a young lady who is also a mum who early in the morning came out from work with termination papers. Sad right? In the video she describes how she got responsibilities to take care of such as fending for her family, pay rent pay the nanny among others.

Here is the link to the video

This is the same situation experienced by many other youths in the country who are battling with the tough economic times doing their best to survive. It is quite unfortunate to see the government giving jobs to old forks who have already retired or unqualified persons.

Now we woke up to news that a betting company that operated locally fired 400 of its staff as it closed its operations completely. A local channel reported of companies that have been closing lately while others offered their employees voluntary early retirement to curb high expenditure. Some have declared their staff redundant while for other it was point blank firing.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and we can not vouch for everybody to do businesses. I am taking up this campaign too to ask the government to correct its ways. We can not waste our youths and tell them that they are tomorrow’s leaders.

The conversation continues from the online trends #ilostmyjob and #savemyjob , I hope that some one some where will take responsibility and do something. Give your ideas what are your views.

By Medza Mtana

Blogger deep into communications, loves sooking and smiles a lot.

2 replies on “Save My JOB”

Hi Medza,
Happy to meet you once again.So these are the hashtags trending! I learnt that it’s good to have a side hustle, whether one is working or not,it will save for a rainy day.
I have been jobless for a long time, I am learning to be self employed though it’s not easy, one step at a time.
I think enterpreneuship is the way to go.


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