2020 Reading Challenge

I want to do a 20-20 reading challenge as part of this year’s resolutions. Though the first month has come to an end, I still find it ‘early’to set new year’s reading resolution for books. I have prepared a list of books to read in 2020 and I hope that this time round I will […]


Kobe Byrant insights

We woke up to news of Kobe Byrant’s death and here are some of his insights. I am ashamed to say that before today I never knew who Kobe was and it felt bad that the whole world knew about him except me. Embarrassed I took to research about him just to understand who it […]


5 Promising Side Hustles for 2020

2020 is pregnant with promises and prospects waiting for us to explore and make more earnings than we made last year. I have taken time to research on different side hustles that someone can take up to earn an extra income. A side hustle is any job that you do away from your full-time job […]


Happy New Year 2020

Wow, Happy new year! Happy 2020! A new year is here with us and behold we are hopeful and looking forward to new beginnings. Last year I took a break and I went through so much that just like a wind it flew without a single post for me. It was not easy I confess […]