How to cope during coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus is now one of the greatest threat to humanity and we are all required to stay safe. These are the measures I am taking to stay safe.

Learning how to cope during coronavirus outbreak is the most essential kit for everyone around the globe. Life has changed for all of us. As the pandemic continues to spread, there calls for measures to get through it. We are all affected though not infected either, economically, socially and emotionally. We can not continue living ordinary lives. We are forced to find new ways of surviving. I am writing this article as a person who is taking precautions but with no experience of being infected with the disease or taking care of an infected person. So how do we stay safe? Are you ready? Are you prepared?

For us to know how to cope with this pandemic, we need to understand what life has to offer more than what we are used to. We have been forced to forgo our freedom of movement and the normal routines of waking up, dress and going to work. As COVID-19 further spreads we need to know what staying safe means, how many hours of stay at home are required and what it means to wash your hands several times. As WHO partners with institutions to campaign for proper hand washing, what are the measures people are adapting? In this read, I would like to share with you some of the measures I am taking to fight coronavirus.

I have categorised my wants into three main pillars; body, mind and soul. If I am to manage coming out of COVID-19 era strong, I need to focus on these three pillars.

To stop the spread of coronavirus, we have been advised to wear masks whenever we go out to the public. I have had to buy a reusable mask which I wash immediately I get home to avoid it being in contact with any other items in the house. I wear my mask every time I step out. 

This is me in a public transport

I love inviting friends to come over to my house but currently, I am limiting people I am coming to contact with. I have stopped my friends from coming over to reduce chances of meeting a potential career. Furthermore I avoid going outside when it is not necessary. I stay at home to be safe. I am maintaining social distancing whenever I am out in public.

Washing my hands frequently at every washing spot. I choose not to ignore the importance of cleaning my hands with soap and water or sanitizing my hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Source Internet WHO page

The hardest part I have had to control is avoiding to touch my eye. There will always erupt a tingling twitch demanding to be scratched, This I am yet to find a solution nonetheless I am doing a best to avoid touching my face. 

Okey the best part is that I have new ways of greeting my friends. I no longer do handshakes.  When I am not waving, we ‘toast’ our shoes to maintain the distance, otherwise I just say hi and move on to the next agenda.  

Source internet

When going for groceries, I sanitise my hands before buying and after buying. My favourite store also supplies gloves at the entry with a disposal bin at the exit for the same. 

 On the mode of payment, I prefer cashless payment where possible. The only challenge is that in my country we can not achieve the 100% cashless transfer because most businesses are small scale businesses. I have adapted to paying using mobile money transfers and paying directly to the pay bills provided by businesses. 

So this is how I am coping with coronavirus physically, I am doing my best to keep the virus at bay. Of course there are other factors such as healthy eating, drinking a lot of water, the reason why I have not listed them is because they are supplementary. One last thing that I almost forgot but also important is that I avoid touching surfaces. Especially in the shops, public transport and doors.

On to you,what are you doing to stay safe? On my next post I will major on mind. How I am maintaining mental health, I want to meet all of you when this is all over. Let us all stay safe.

By Medza Mtana

Blogger deep into communications, loves cooking and smiles a lot.

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