10 Benefits of Sweet Potato Leaves to boost your brain, bones and heart

Sweet potatoes leaves which are also known as Ipomoea Batatas are enriched with a lot of medicinal benefits. The leaves are heart shaped and are very delicious and can be cooked as a substitute for spinach. They contain Vitamin A, B,C, Thiamine, Niacin, Zinc, Folic acid, Calcium,Riboflavin,Iron, Vitamin K,B6 and proteins. Sweet potato leaves contains […]


Dear Men, Here’s Why Pumpkin Seeds Are Your Natural Viagra

The use of viagra to boost libido has been on the rise especially with older men to satisfy their partners. Pumpkin seeds unknown to many offer the best alternative to viagra since they are natural and lesser side effects, compared to viagra which even lead to death when overdosed. Pumpkin seeds promote men’s fertility. The […]