10 Benefits of Sweet Potato Leaves to boost your brain, bones and heart

Sweet potatoes leaves which are also known as Ipomoea Batatas are enriched with a lot of medicinal benefits. The leaves are heart shaped and are very delicious and can be cooked as a substitute for spinach.

They contain Vitamin A, B,C, Thiamine, Niacin, Zinc, Folic acid, Calcium,Riboflavin,Iron, Vitamin K,B6 and proteins.

Sweet potato leaves contains antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory and anti cancer properties.

Sweet potatoes leaves which are very easy to cook,taken raw as salad or even steamed have the following Benefits;

1. Heart Health

Vitamin K contains helps in prevention of calcification in the arteries which normally cause heart attacks. It helps in maintenance of blood pressure reducing the risk of cardiac arrest.

2. Reduces Osteoporosis

A high intake of vitamin K maintains calcium on bones increasing bone the density of bones. This percentage of Vitamin K reduces bone fracture and loss.

3. Regulates Menstrual Pain

Vitamin K regulates hormones and lowers cramps and Menstrual pains. It reduces excessive bleeding during menses by clotting blood. It also reduces bone fractures in post Menstrual women.

4. Clotting Blood

Vitamin K assists in blood clotting which is important in recovery of wounds, cuts and bruises. Lack of blood clotting especially in new borns can cause haemorrhagic diseases of new borns.

5. Cancer Treatment

Vitamin K has proves to prevent chances of colon, prostrate, nasal, oral and stomach cancer. This is through assistance in liver functions.

6. Helps in Brain Health

One of the major roles of Vitamin K in the body is the metabolism of sphingolipids which is found in the brain. These sphingolipids are vital in supporting the structural role in the brain and brain formation.

7. Anti-inflammatory

Vitamin K’s anti-inflammatory properties reduces the brain from oxidative stress.

It also has antioxidants which eradicate radicals from the body therefore reducing chances of allergies and harmful overreactions.

8. Improves Gum health

The intake of sweet potatoe leaves help prevent him disease and tooth decay. As it helps in eradication of bacteria in the mouth and maintains strong teeth.

It also assists in mineralization of bones and of course teeth.

9. Sweet potatoes leaves contains Vitamin A Other than vitamin K, they contain Vitamin A which all essential for generation of epithelial cells which is important bin regrowth of hair and skin. It therefore counters acne and helps maintain maintain a glowy young skin.

10. Lastly it has antidiabetic compound which helps in lowering sugar in the blood. It lowers blood glucose content and also prevents cataracts through its luten compound.

Cooked sweet potato leaved
Growing sweet potato leaves. SOURCE: PINTEREST

By Medza Mtana

Blogger deep into communications, loves cooking and smiles a lot.

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