10 Benefits of Sweet Potato Leaves to boost your brain, bones and heart

Sweet potatoes leaves which are also known as Ipomoea Batatas are enriched with a lot of medicinal benefits. The leaves are heart shaped and are very delicious and can be cooked as a substitute for spinach. They contain Vitamin A, B,C, Thiamine, Niacin, Zinc, Folic acid, Calcium,Riboflavin,Iron, Vitamin K,B6 and proteins. Sweet potato leaves contains […]


Happy New Year 2020

Wow, Happy new year! Happy 2020! A new year is here with us and behold we are hopeful and looking forward to new beginnings. Last year I took a break and I went through so much that just like a wind it flew without a single post for me. It was not easy I confess […]


Brain Cyst on my Cousin-but why?

This post is a regret story that has got me haunted by guilt from my past behaviour and things I did out of ignorance, dumbness and maybe lack of knowledge. I have this cousin of mine -Danson, whose mother is my mum’s sister whom we spent time together during the holidays when I was young. Many […]